Friday, July 22, 2011

Arduino Irrigation Controller Projects Across the Web

I've done a bunch of research on this type of project in the last few weeks. Here are some interesting links from around the web that I find useful and/or interesting:

Arduino Irrigation Projects

Seems like all these guys built custom hardware, which is cool, but I'm going to use mostly off the shelf parts (for the first iteration, anyway).

Supporting Technology Projects
  • DomoticHome project : not actually controlling irrigation, but using Ethernet shield and with a Android app client
  • RESTduino - A nice REST interface for Arduino. Very cool.


  1. Hi, another arduino bassed irrigation controller for 5 zones:

  2. Another DIY project: Rainmaker Arduino based irrigation controller.

  3. Hi, I would like to bring up this project:
    OpenSprinkler at
    It's an open-source, Ethernet controlled sprinkler timer. Based on ATmega328 MCU and ENJ28j60 Ethernet controller.

  4. hi there! i got the arduino not too long ago; for irrigation control, i played old school;
    my senior project for my BSEET was an interrupt driven green house control system that i did in assembly on the 68hc11f1 in 1994. i had time to do 2 subsystems;
    1. sensor input; resistive light sensor via V/F converter and transducer output h bridge driven motor controlled shades. so if too dark or too bright close the shades, else open them
    2. soil moisture sensor, can do this now using capacitive transfer sensors as input, and output is inductor controlled watervalve. so if too dry, turn on spray valve, or too wet, turn off.

    i also thought of internet connectivity as possible upgrade to this system - i did do some research and found that the various sensor readings have several variations as far as standardization goes with respect to environmental parameters. I do MS .NET type control applications of the various hardware targets, so putting in MySql data base, entity framework or what have you is not too hard to do.

    was thinking of going to market with something like this. how about you?

  5. has anyone connected a flow meter so the controller can detect major leaks in a zone and shut it down?