Thursday, July 28, 2011

ADK / Ethernet Shield Problem Solved!

Fixed! A quick trip to Radio Shack for some hookup wire (22 gauge, solid) and I manually wired the ICSP pins from the Ethernet Shield and now I have a web server that's just a bit bigger than a deck of cards.

Here is the ISCP pin mapping to the ADK pins for future reference:

(MISO) 50 <-- 1 o o 2 --> +5V
(SOCK) 52 <-- 3 o o 4 --> 51 (MOSI)
RESET <-- 5 o o 6 --> GND

Only pins 1,3 and 5 need to be connected (orange wires in the picture). The Ethernet shield still works if you leave pins 2, 5 and 6 disconnected (red, yellow and green wires in picture).

Android ADK and Arduino Ethernet Shield Woes

I think I figured out why my Arduino Ethernet shield won't play nicely with my Android ADK Arduino board.

You see the black, six-pin header connector on the right side of the blue board (the Ethernet Shield)? That's the the ICSP bus in Arduino-speak. That's supposed to connect into a matching set of pins on the white Arduino board so the Ethernet shield can to its "talkin' to the interweb" thing. Do you see matching pins on the ADK board? Yeah, neither do I.

Turns out this is a bit of a problem, because the Arduino Ethernet Shield documentation states:

Arduino communicates with both the W5100 and SD card using the SPI bus (through the ICSP header).

Like I said, bit of a problem. Looks like there are exposed copper pads on the bottom of the ADK board for the ICSP connections, so I could solder in some connections if absolutely necessary. Those pads (MISO1, MOSI1, SOCK1) are clearly wired to 50,51 and 52 as described in the Arduino Mega 2560 schematics.

Time for some hand wiring...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Arduino Irrigation Controller Projects Across the Web

I've done a bunch of research on this type of project in the last few weeks. Here are some interesting links from around the web that I find useful and/or interesting:

Arduino Irrigation Projects

Seems like all these guys built custom hardware, which is cool, but I'm going to use mostly off the shelf parts (for the first iteration, anyway).

Supporting Technology Projects
  • DomoticHome project : not actually controlling irrigation, but using Ethernet shield and with a Android app client
  • RESTduino - A nice REST interface for Arduino. Very cool.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let the Arduino Hacking Begin!

I have jumped into Arduino hardware hacking and bought some shields to use with the ADK I got from work. The idea is to use these to remotely control my irrigation system at home.